EKA Associates, PA
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 328 Park Avenue, Scotch Plains, NJ 07076 • Phone 908-322-2030 • Fax 908-322-0505

Company Profile

Founded in 1991 by James R. Watson, P.L.S., P.P., who currently serves as President and Chief Executive Officer, EKA Associates has earned a reputation of providing excellence in engineering and surveying for both the public and private sectors. Whether designing a capital improvement project or a major site plan for a commercial or residential development, EKA ensures that each project is completed with the highest quality standards.  

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EKA Associates provides a full range of professional services. Among the services provided by the firm are the following.

¤ Professional Engineering

          ¤ Municipal Engineering

          ¤ Water Resource Engineering

          ¤ Traffic Engineering

¤ Professional Land Surveying

¤ Professional Planning

¤ Residential & Commercial Subdivision & Site Plan Review & Preparation

¤ Tax Map Maintenance

EKA Associates PA Holds the Records Of:

Harry L. Paff
George B. Vliet
Somerset Land Surveyors
William B. Elliot
Sailer & Sailer
Seymour & Strohl
Leroy Strohl
J.L. Bauer, Kling & Coudert
J. Wallce Higgins
William Priestly
A.M. Woodruff
Edwin F. Morsbach
Bush & Price
Grassman, Kreh & Mixer, Inc.
Ernest L. Meyer, Inc.
Collins & Seymour
Patrick J. Grall